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PROVIDERS Learn how the ROSE trial epilepsy specialists can work with you to offer your patients with "medically refractory epilepsy" the option of traditional epilepsy open surgery or Gamma Knife radiosurgery, whether or not the patient has medical insurance.
PATIENTS Learn more about the ROSE trial epilepsy treatments and how to enroll. All insurance is accepted, and patients without insurance coverage may qualify for cost-free epilepsy brain surgery or Gama Knife radiosurgery if accepted to participate in the Radiosurgery or Open Surgery for Epilepsy clinical trial.

The ROSE clinical trial offers patients with temporal lobe epilepsy the opportunity to participate in a study of radiosurgery and open epilepsy brain surgery at a dozen premier medical facilities in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
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New medical advances have made epilepsy surgery more available as an option when epileptic seizures cannot be satisfactorily controlled by medications. In the past, individuals with epilepsy were treated for years using multiple anticonvulsants, often with poor results, before being considered for surgery.

Now, most epilepsy specialists consider surgery earlier to help patients improve their quality of life sooner. When epilepsy brain surgery is being considered, patients and their physicians can now include a new option, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, which uses focused radiation to treat a localized seizure focus. The ROSE trial encourages epilepsy patients to apply for inclusion in this clinical trial when anticonvulsant medications cannot satisfactorily control epileptic seizures.
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